R42 Games Accelerator

Our goal is your development! With the R42 Games Accelerator, we provide you with a tailor-made series of workshops with experts from the games and media industry, mentors and a coach who are always ready to listen and give good advice. Whether gamification, serious game or indie title, the R42 Games Accelerator will support you on your journey.

Join us for the fourth round of our accelerator and apply now for the R42 Games Accelerator 2025!

This is the r42 games accelerator

The R42 Games Accelerator supports founders from the games industry. Within the 9-month program, the most important building blocks for a sustainable future are laid through workshops, coaching and external mentoring. Part of the R42 Games Accelerator is a building in the heart of Leipzig's city center that is completely geared towards the games industry. In addition, R42 is intended to be a permanent contact point for young and established companies to promote inspiration, innovation and technology transfer.

The content


The workshops are led by industry experts and offer in-depth insights into various aspects of the games industry, such as games marketing, production, art, community management, but also entrepreneurial topics such as (sorry, but it has to be said) taxes & finance.


You will receive an individual coach who will work with you on your individual goals and milestones. The coaching sessions aim to support both your personal development and your entrepreneurial development. Whether it's a meeting every two weeks or a weekly phone call, the coaching sessions are organized in a way that suits you best.


You will gain access to our exclusive network of partners and SMEs from the region and you will also get to know them in regular meetups. We actively look together in our network to see who we can introduce you and your team to to help you get ahead.

Reviews from recent years

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B2B Jam

The alumni

Startup class 2023

Startup class 2023

Startup class 2022

Our mentors in the past

Björn Bergstein

INBEX Systems, Publisher 1x1


Games & XR, Funding


US-Game-Marketing Experte, Games Marketing

Denice Wagner

INBEX Systems, Game Art


Ubisoft, How To Pitch Your Game

Philippe Dams

XMG, Build your Brand


Hochschule Mittweida, Game Design


Self-employed, Indiegame Production

Christopher Siebenhüner

GECKO, Mindset as an entrepreneur

Your Coaches

Tom Potutschek

Favorite Game: Enshrouded

Markus Bonk

Favorite Game: Battlefield Reihe

Marleen Wagner

Favorite Game: Die Sims

Robert Boehm

Favorite Game: Disco Elysium

Yuna Avetysyan

Favorite Game: Skyrim

What awaits you at the R42 Accelerator 2025

You can expect a 9-12 month program consisting of workshops, coaching & mentoring and events. You will also meet exciting people who will take you and your company to the next level. If your application is successful, you will be supported by the City of Leipzig, which will cover part of the costs of the R42 Games Accelerator for you. The remaining amount will be covered by a grant, but don't worry - we'll take care of that 🙂

Game Jams
Does the accelerator cost me money?

For those selected, the city will cover a considerable part of the costs for the R42 Games Accelerator, the remaining costs will be covered by further funding, which we will take care of with you.

In order to determine whether your team and company fit into the 2025 class, we as well as the City of Leipzig need to get an accurate picture of you.

First, we collect the documents from all submissions throughout the year. Towards the end of the year, all collected applications will be reviewed and you will receive feedback!

No. Even if you are working on applications with gamification elements or in the B2B sector, the R42 Games Accelerator will help you. The workshops are geared towards the building blocks of game production, but there will certainly be something for you, too. 

Yes, you must already have registered a business. The form does not matter at first. 

Application form

The following application form serves as the basis for the selection of startups for the R42 Games Accelerator for the year 2025. All you have to do is fill out the form and attach your current pitch deck and a liquidity plan for your next year.

The review of the application documents is followed by a personal meeting. The final selection is made by a jury, which takes into account criteria such as innovative content, team constellation, market opportunities and compliance with the R42 Games Accelerator.

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